1st and 2nd

Last school day (24th June)

This has been a busy but exciting year! As well as all the usual fun stuff we do in this class, we got a brand new school and a new classroom. It was definitely a great year! I hope you all have a wonderful summer holidays and I will see you all in September!


Poems (22nd June)

The children thought about all the things they used to do when they were younger, or even just at the beginning of the year. Then they considered how much they have changed and grown during their time in school. They make for an interesting read!

 IMG_4558 IMG_4559 IMG_4560 IMG_4561 IMG_4562

School Tour (18th June)

Today we went to Turoe Pet Farm in Co. Galway. We had a fantastic day. The children had great fun and to our delight were all so well behaved. They really enjoyed the Inflatable city and Jungle town as well as the walk around the pet farm and the various outdoor play areas. We all agreed that we would love to go back there again!


Induction Day (16th June)

We had great fun today in our new classes. The children worked very hard today and we are all looking forward to our new classes in September.

IMG_4419 IMG_4420

Sunflowers (29th May)

We are really getting into the spirit of summer in our classroom- it’s just a pity the weather isn’t doing the same! Not to worry though- no matter what kind of dark, dreary, wet weather is outside the window, we have these wonderful sunflowers to brighten up our classroom. Once again, the children have amazed me by how creative they are!

IMG_4347 IMG_4351

First Holy Communion (23rd May)

Congratulations to all the boys and girls in 2nd class who made their First Holy Communion today. They worked so hard for the last number of weeks to prepare for this big day and all the days in the future that they will go to Mass to receive Holy Communion. All their hard work paid off as they were excellent today. I hope you all have a wonderful day celebrating with your families.

First Communion

Aliens (21st May)

First class were busy all this week learning about space, astronauts and the planets in the solar system. They were very imaginative today and created these awesome aliens!


Robots (8th May)

It took us about two weeks to get our robots finished, but it was well worth it! The finished products look amazing! They are in the corridor at the moment for the other classes to admire, but I’m sure you’ll be dying to get them home soon so they can do some work around the house!


IMG_4293 IMG_4294 IMG_4295 IMG_4296 IMG_4297 IMG_4299 IMG_4300 IMG_4301 IMG_4302 IMG_4303 IMG_4304 IMG_4305 IMG_4306 IMG_4307 IMG_4308 IMG_4309 IMG_4310 IMG_4311 IMG_4312 IMG_4313 IMG_4314

Scór 2015

Congratulations to the girls in 5th and 6th class who won the County final in Music and in Set Dancing. It is a brilliant achievement girls- you are all extremely talented!!


Weather (April 2015)

We were having great fun over the last few weeks learning about weather. We made suncatchers which look lovely on our new big windows! The children also amazed me with their sun & moon art- their drawing was excellent and they used warm and cool colours to make their pictures look so interesting.

IMG_4281 IMG_4282 IMG_4283 IMG_4286

Happy Easter!! (27.03)

I hope you all have a wonderful Easter! Hopefully the Easter bunnies will find their way out of the classroom so you can all enjoy some lovely chocolate! Enjoy the holidays!



Corofin ABÚ!!! (18.03)

Miss Glynn was very excited about her clubs big win yesterday- All Ireland Champions!!

The children are learning plenty about Corofin today!!!


Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!! (17.03)

I hope you all enjoy the festivities today. I am sure many of you are enjoying the traditional Mass and the parades. Don’t forget to cheer for Corofin today too!!


Prayer Service (16.03)

Today we had our first prayer service in our new school. All the children were able to sit together in our central corridor while Father John blessed the school. 1st and 2nd wrote a poem about our move from the old school to the new school…….

We got a brand new school.

Can you believe it?

We moved in on the 4th of March

We couldn’t wait to see it!


When we got into the room

We got such a great shock!

Everything from the old class

Looked just like a little tot!


We are grateful to God

That we have a new school.

So here are some gifts

Just to say thank you.


Thank you firstly for our old school.

It gave us many happy memories.

We are lucky it was falling apart

Because now we are in luxury!


In our old class, our hands were purple.

Because it was so, so cold everywhere,

We now have a cosy warm classroom,

No need for all the layers!


Our old class was covered in cobwebs,

It was dark and sometimes dreary,

But now we have sunlight all around,

It is wonderfully bright and cheery.


Everything is so sparkly and shiny

It smells lovely and clean.

Not like the smells we used to have,

They were just nasty and mean!


Our learning environment has changed.

It’s easier to concentrate.

Teacher doesn’t get as cross

Because there’s loads of space!!


We love our brand new cushions!

They are squishy and comfy!

And instead of being a bore,

Learning is now so funny!


Thank you for all the builders

Who worked so hard on our school,

We saw it happening right in front of us,

The machinery was really cool!


So thank you God our Father,

For this brilliant present

It makes our lives so much better.

The new school is definitely Heaven sent!

First Penance (12.03)

Congratulations to 2nd class who made their first confession tonight. They were all very excited!! They sang their songs beautifully and said their prayers so respectfully- well done boys and girls! It was a very special evening for you and your families.

First Confession

First Day! (4.03)

We moved in today. We were very busy getting the classroom ready for the children so it was all a bit surreal today!! We don’t know ourselves with all the space we have.  As the children said,  everything that looked big in the old school looks tiny  now. We have also noticed that when we have to get anything in the classroom it’s a lot further away than it used to be!! But, we are so much more comfortable and most definitely warmer!!

Here’s a peek…….

IMG_3799 IMG_3800 IMG_3801 IMG_3802 IMG_3803 IMG_3804 IMG_3805 IMG_3806 IMG_3807 IMG_3808 IMG_3809 IMG_3814

Last day in the old building (2.03)

Today was the last day in the old school, built in 1953. I asked the children to tell me some of things things they liked and didn’t like about the old school.

Favourite Things- the bright yellow and orange walls, having an interactive whiteboard, having space in the classroom to display art, decorations on the wall, art in the corridor for other classes to see, friends are always near to you, you get to meet 3rd & 4th class when you are on the corridor going to the bathroom, the fact that it’s so old means we get a new school.

Least Favourite Things- it’s really, really old,  it’s falling apart, it’s really, really cold, it’s very small, the toilets get blocked, theradiators don’t work well, theclock doesn’t work, the pipes on the ceiling are full of cobwebs, the corridor is damp and wet, there are creaky doors that open by themselves, there are holes in the floorboard, there aare windows that you have to wind to open, the paint is coming off the walls, we can hear other classes, there’s no space to walk around, there are cracks in the ceiling,  it’s not safe because everything is crammed in, we have to sit 3 in a table, the bathroom smells, especially the boys which is right inside the front door!!

Favourite Memories of their time in the old Sonna school-  writing about hot chocolate and drinking it, doing Christmas plays- The Magical Christmas box, The Sound of Christmas, doing Food Dudes,  Sports Day- bouncing castle, ice-pops, Easter Egg hunt in infants, School Tour, Star of the Week, Puppets- Dazzle, Carly,  Len & Jen, doing art every week- particularly beach picture with crabs, penguin art, construction art, watching caterpillars turning to butterflies, planting flowers and veg, going to see the Three Little Pigs play, doing jobs and helping out, acting out Gaeilge, sand pit, Advent calendar, petting real chicks, pizza day, pyjama day

Things they are looking forward to in the New School-  warm classrooms, more space to walk around, cubby holes for slippers, only 2 in a desk, sharing cloakroom space with 3rd-6th, clean classroom- no cobwebs, baking in the oven,  bright classroom, new painting, new floor, new boards.

Season of Spring (2.02)

Yesterday (Sunday) was St Brigid’s day. Lots of children got St Brigid crosses at Mass, thanks to 3rd and 4th class. But, we got some crosses for 1st and 2nd aswell, to keep all our homes safe this coming year.


Clay Creatures (30.01)

Children made unusual clay creatures out of pinch pots. I love all the creative eyes, teeth, wings, fangs, horns and tails- well done guys!!

IMG_3452 IMG_3453

Arctic & Antarctic (16.01)

We continued learning about the Arctic and Antarctic this week. We learned about penguins in the Antarctic- how the waddle and can’t fly (unless they’re under water!!) and how their white tummies and black backs help them to stay camouflaged. We also learned about the explorer Ernest Shakleton and Tom Crean! Wow, they were brave men!

IMG_3410 IMG_3411

Snowfall (13/01/15)

The first fall of snow in 2015!

IMG_3400[1] IMG_3401[1]

Arctic & Antartic (8/01/15)

The children were learning a little about the Arctic and the Antarctic this week. We learned about the Northern Lights today and then the children made these fantastic polar bear pictures with the northern lights in the background.

IMG_3389 IMG_3390

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year (20/12/14)

I want to wish each and every one of you a Merry Christmas. I hope Santa comes to all of you and I hope you all have lots of fun and enjoyment during the holidays.

I wish you all the best for 2015. It will be an exciting year in the history of the school!! We are all looking forward to the big move into our new school building!


Santa’s Stuck!!!! (18/12/14)

The children were full of ideas and excitement today, writing about Santa getting stuck in the chimney. Poor Santa is stuck with his feet sticking out!! I hope that doesn’t happen this Christmas Eve!!!! Luckily, if it does, 1st and 2nd have come up with loads of ideas for getting him out!!


The Magical Christmas Box (17/12/14)

This evening we had our nativity service in the church and 1st and 2nd performed The Magical Christmas Box, a story about two children travelling through different scenes relating to Christmas and eventually understanding the true meaning of Christmas.

We thoroughly enjoyed practicing for this play and I hope you enjoyed watching it. The children were excellent at acting, presenting, singing, dancing and performing. I personally love the music in the play and I know the songs will be running through my head all through Christmas!

I want to say a huge congratulations to the children for all their hard work and effort.

You were all EXCELLENT!!!!!!


Reading Challenge (12/12/14)

Since Halloween the children have been trying to read a target amount of books. I am delighted to say that everybody in the class reached their target! Congratulations!!

As well as reading, children wrote a short book review about each of the books they read and then stuck them together to make a bookworm- look at the long worms slithering through our classroom!! Well done to everybody that worked hard on their bookworms.

IMG_3237 IMG_3238 IMG_3239 IMG_3240 IMG_3241   

Imagine you lived in a snowglobe?? (10/12/14)

Today the children did just that!! They wrote about what they thought it would be like in a snowglobe and then made these fantastic pictures to go with them. A lot of children wondered if the characters could come out during the night and play with the other decorations. I wonder???? Perhaps all our decorations get up to mischief when we turn out the lights!!


Christmas Crib (5/12/14)

The children spent a long time this week colouring their nativity figures and decorating their cribs to make them bright, colourful and sparkly!

I think they turned out beautifully- don’t you?





Mmmmmmm- hot chocolate!! (3/12/14)

Today’s writing lesson was writing instructions for making hot chocolate. So, of course, we got to drink some too!!! Yum yum!


The Three Little Pigs’ Night Before Christmas (1/12/14)

Today the junior end of the school went to see a play in the Park Hotel. The poor three little pigs were having difficulty with the wolf and even poor Santa got stuck in the chimney! There was lots of screaming and fun!!


November Theme- Rainforest

We learned a lot this month about Brazil, the Amazon and the Amazonian rainforest! Children loved hearing about all the animals in the jungle- particularly the poisonous ones!! We did some art on frogs and snakes too- although ours are not in the rainforest.

IMG_3164 IMG_3165      

 Halloween 23/10

Halloween is just around the corner! The children have been busy decorating the classroom with Halloween Art. I can’t wait to see all the wonderful costumes they come in tomorrow for our Temple Street Dress Up!

IMG_3022 IMG_3024 Masks

Mary had a Little Lamb 13/10

Today the children created their own versions of the popular nursery rhyme! Have a look……

Mary had a little elephant,
His trunk was long and big.
It likes to eat grass and hay,
And sometimes wears a wig.

Mary has a little rat.
He has red eyes, just like that.
It is scared of one big cat.
The rat is big and fat.

Mary had a little kitten.
His feet were white like socks.
He liked to play and jump around all day.
Until he got eaten by a fox.

Mary had a little ghost.
It floated in the air.
He likes to scare Mary.
And he likes to stare.

Mary had a little reindeer.
He likes to tickle Santa’s beard.
He likes to steer the sleigh.
And he likes to be feared.

Mary had a little pig.
It could swim and even fly.
It’s skin was gold and silver,
And one day it died.

Mary had a little pony.
It’s skin is yellow and brown.
It jumped fences and it won races.
And never ever will frown.

Mary had a little pig.
It likes to eat peas and one green bean.
It loves to go trick-or-treating.
And it loves Halloween.

Mary had a little pig.
That liked to eat spiders.
The spiders hated the pigs,
And now we can’t find her.

Mary had a little goat.
He likes to rub his beard.
He likes to bash around the place.
He likes being weird.

Mary had a little foal.
She loves the colour green.
It’s name is Teddy Brown,
And she loves Halloween.

Peg Creatures 3/10

The children made Peg Creatures today. They used all sorts of materials to turn a clothes peg into a clever little creature. Look at how creative our class are!!

Table 1- Rocky, Poss, Bobby Jr Jr, Goofy and Iron Man


Table 2- Rocco, Bobby Jr, Finn, Fiona, Sparkly, Pumpkin, Spider-Pig and Bloom


Table 3- Crackle, Panna, Octo the Bird, Molly and Glittery


Table 4- Sparkles, Roy, Sally, Ann, Lucy, Bobby, Ghoul and Drago


 Autumn (25/09)

Over the past two  weeks we have been learning about the signs of Autumn we can see in nature. The children have been collecting some Autumn leaves with beautiful yellow, gold and brown colours. They  have also been collecting conkers- a true sign that Autumn has arrived!


Last week in art, we did an autumn leaf pattern. The children made sure their leaves overlapped, which can be quite difficult and then decorated their picture with Autumn colours.


This week in art, we used some of the leaves we had collected to make an Autumn tree collage. They did an excellent job. Some groups even added details such as the hedgehogs going into hibernation and the swallows flying off to a warmer country.


Here is the Autumn poem that inspired us………..

Come Little Leaves

“Come, little leaves,” 
Said the wind one day,
“Come over the meadows 
With me, and play;
Put on your dresses 
Of red and gold;
Summer is gone, 
And the days grow cold.”

Soon as the leaves 
Heard the wind’s loud call,
Down they came fluttering, 
One and all;
Over the meadows 
They danced and flew,
Singing the soft
Little songs they knew.

Dancing and flying 
The little leaves went;
Winter had called them 
And they were content-
Soon fast asleep 
In their earthy beds,
The snow laid a soft mantle
Over their heads.

Art- Self Portraits! (11/09)

We had a lot of fun today doing self portraits! We had photographs of ourselves and we covered half of it with a blank page and tried to match our drawing to the photograph. We then did the same on the other side and when we opened up the blank page we had a portrait of our faces! The reveal was very exciting and because we did them in two halves they look quite funny!! We even have one upside-down one, which is very creative! It has given me ideas for  future lessons!!

I wonder can you guess any of the children from their drawing?? By the way, Miss Glynn is there too! But her drawing may not be up to scratch!!

I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as we enjoyed drawing them!

IMG_2851 IMG_2852 IMG_2853 IMG_2854 IMG_2855

Writing (10/09)

We were busy this week writing stories about magical rainbows! The children wrote very creative stories including pots of gold, unicorns, horses, witches, shamrocks, elves and even aliens! They designed beautiful front covers for their stories which brighten up our classroom! I’m sure your parents can’t wait until you bring the stories home so that they can read them! Well done everyone!!


Welcome Back!! (5/09/14)

Welcome to a new school year! I hope you all had a blissful summer and that you are looking forward to the year ahead.  We have a wonderful 1st & 2nd class for 2014/2015 and we look forward to  all the creative work that we can display on this website.

Here are some of the introductory activities we did on our  first week back:

IMG_2813 IMG_2815





Last day of School- 25/6/14

We enjoyed a lovely walk on the canal today and had a few moments to watch the diggers starting to prepare the ground for the foundations of the new school!


I hope you all have a wonderful holiday and I look forward to seeing you all in September, when we will see even more of the new school!

Class Pets Part 3- Freedom!

Update 8:

Today (Day 38- 25/06/14) was the last day of school so it was time to set our butterflies free. We brought them down to the garden and opened the net. They didn’t fly out, properly because they are scared by all the humans around! We had to take each one out individually, which worked out better because everybody got to hold one for a few minutes! When they were ready they flew off into the garden or up into the air. One butterfly flew really high over the trees and we all waved it off.

Day 38 25.06 2Day 38 25.06 4

Day 38- Bye Bye Butterflies!!!!

Music Day 24/6/14

Congratulations to everybody who took part in Music Day.

1st and 2nd worked hard in their tin-whistle groups and everyone did well. We had great fun performing songs for the rest of the school and everybody enjoyed our wonderful singers! Well done!!

Turning the Sod! Friday 20.06.14

Today we had a small ceremony where the site of the new building was blessed and the sod was turned by four children in the school. It was wonderful to see all the parents, pupils and their families on this special day. We cannot wait until we are all back again for the opening!!


School Tour- 18/06 Athlone IT

The children had a brilliant day today, taking part in a wide range of activities including a Disco Dome, Super Slide, Wrecking Ball, racers and wobbly ladder!

They had lots of fun and are all exhausted after our sunny day out!

Class Pets Part 2- BUTTERFLIES!!


Today (Saturday 14.06) was day 27. The butterfly garden with the chrysalides inside, went on a roadtrip to Galway for the weekend! In the evening I noticed that two of the chrysalides had turned almost black, which is a sign that they will turn into butterflies soon!

On Sunday morning (15.06), day 28 we had our first butterflies!! When I got up in the morning, 4 of the butterflies had emerged from the chrysalides. They were standing quite still on the side of the net and they didn’t move much at all during the day. They pumped their wings a few times. When they are closed, the outside part of the wing that you can see is brown and they almost look like moths. But inside is the beautiful red and brown colour that you can see when they open their wings.

On Monday morning, day 29, the children were very excited to see some butterflies! The fifth one had still not emerged when I brought them to school. But, amazingly, as a group of the children and I were looking at it before school started, it just walked out of the chrysalides! It’s wings were all crumpled up when it emerged and it needed some time to form them properly, but soon it looked just like the rest of them!!

We could see some red liquid emerging from the butterflies, but don’t worry it’s not blood! It’s a liquid the butterflies need when they’re in the chrysalides and they lose it when they emerge. Unfortunately it makes our garden look a little like a massacre!

The butterflies stayed in school all week and came to my house for the weekend (day 34 and 35). For all these days, they stayed very quiet. They stand for long periods of time with their wings closed and now and again we can see them fly around. We feed them using nectar (made by mixing sugar and water) and by placing a quarter of an orange inside the garden for them to feed on.

Day 27 14.06      Day 28 15.06

Day 27                                                         Day 28

 Day 29 16.06Day 30 17.06

Day 29                                                    Day 30

Day 31 18.06Day 32 19.06

Day 33 20.06 Day 34 21.06

Day 33                                                   Day 35

Day 36 23.06

Day 36

Day 37 24.06 

Day 37

New Beginnings!! (10/06/14)

There was great excitement this morning as we saw the first sign of building starting on our new school! The builders had arrived to secure the area and put up a protective fence! We cannot wait until they start digging the foundations!!


 Class Pets!! (from 19/5/14)


On Monday 9.06 (Day 22), there was no change to the chrysalides, hanging in their butterfly garden. They will stay this way for approximately two weeks, so there is at least four more days to go!

Day 22 9.06        Day 23 10.06

Day 22                                                    Day 23

Day 24 11.06Day 25 12.06

Day 24                                                                    Day 25

Day 26 13.06

Day 26


On day 18, Thursday the 5th of June (also our Sports Day!!) we transferred the chrysalides to the butterfly garden. It is a large net that the butterflies will be able to fly around in when they have transformed. We had to remove the paper disk from the top of the cup and pin it to the net. Unfortunately two of the chrysalides were on the bottom of the cup, so we laid them on kitchen towel at the bottom of the butterfly garden and we hope that they would survive!

Day 18 5.06Day 19 6.06

Day 18                                                  Day 19

The chrysalides will have a sleepover in the school on day 20 and 21 as we do not want to be disturbing them! Let’s see what they are like after the weekend!!


On the morning of day 14 (9:30am) three of the caterpillars had become chrysalides. They hung from near their back legs in a J shape, curling their head in at the bottom looking completely asleep. By 12pm the fourth caterpillar became a chrysallide, dropping into the J shape and wiggling around a bit. There was still one caterpillar left who kept picking at one of the chrysalides and waking him up!! When I moved the cup to take some photos, they kept shaking, which they do to ward off predators!

By 4 pm (16:15) the fifth caterpillar still had not become a chrysallide. One of the chrysalides though had shed their skin for the last time and began to pupate, which means they cover themselves in some brown pupa (it looks gooey!!).

At half five in the evening, the second chrysallide began to pupate. You could see him wriggle as he shed his skin. The skin came up from his head and wriggled all the way up to it’s legs at the top of the cup. As the skin went up, the brown you could see all the brown pupa cover the caterpillar.

At half seven in the evening, the fifth caterpillar finally became a chryssalide! It was a very, very busy day for them. All the caterpillars are now chrysalides and will soon all have pupated and we can look forward to our butterflies!!!

Day 14 9.30amDay 14 12.15pm

Day 14- 9:30am                                       Day 14- 12:15pm

Day 14 16.15 3  Day 14 17.30 3

Day 14- 16:15                                       Day 14- 17:30

Day 14 19.30 3

Day 14- 19:30

On day 15 all the caterpillars had become chrysalides and had begun to harden. One caterpillar had fallen from the lid and was on the floor of the tub. He should still be able to survive hopefully!! They will stay in this state for almost two weeks.

Day 15     Day 16

Day 15                                                      Day 16

Day 17 4.06

Day 17


By day 12 our caterpillars were very big and hairy! There was lots of little brown waste around the tub. They had broken down most of the silk thread, making it easier to see them clearly, but they didn’t move around as much as they did about three days ago. They are starting to get lazy!!

Day 11Day 12

Day 11                                                     Day 12

Day 13

Day 13


After about five days they started to get much bigger. They got hairy and by day 9 they were walking freely around the tub. You could see their feet moving on the side of the plastic tub so we could see how they walk. You could also see them eating their food.

We noticed that in the tub there were black little balls that were waste from the caterpillars, but some of them were the skin that the caterpillars had shed! The caterpillars also made some silky threads which started to cover the tub and make it look like it was full of cobwebs.

Day 5Day 6

Day 5                                                            Day 6  

 Day 7Day 8

    Day 7                                                                  Day 8

 Day 9 Day 10

Day 9                                                          Day 10


We got a Butterfly kit in our class which is hopefully going to give us give butterflies!

At first, we got a tub with five caterpillars. In the tub, there was brown ‘gunk’ at the bottom that contained all the food and nutrients the caterpillars need to grow. They looked almost like worms at first. They were small and they didn’t move too much.

Day 1Day 2

Day 1                                                             Day 2   

 Day 3Day 4

Day 3                                                                Day 4

First Holy Communion (24/5/14)

Well done to the boys and girls in 2nd class who made their First Holy Communion on Saturday the 24th of May. All the children worked really hard to get ready for the day and I think they did an excellent job! Congratulations!

Football Final (May 22nd 2014)

Well done to the boys who reached the school final this evening against Milltown. Everyone in 1st and 2nd class was very excited going to the match and had learned songs to cheer their team on!

It was an incredibly tough game with Milltown getting an early lead. But, Sonna showed just how strong they are and came right back and took the lead with some marvellous points and goals! Unfortunately on the day, Sonna didn’t have the luck.


Congratulations to Milltown on their win. But, huge congratulations to our boys who showed great skill during the match but also great character in being gracious in defeat.

You are a great team and you will definitely get your day in the future!

Summer Time! (May 2014)

It’s finally summer! We made some lovely butterfly pictures this week to herald the arrival of summer. Let’s hope we have weather as bright as these pictures!

IMG_2038 IMG_2040 IMG_2041 IMG_2042

Happy Easter! (11/4/14)

We had great fun today for our Pyjama Day! I hope you all enjoy the Easter holidays!

Happy Easter

New visitors! (9/4/14)

We had some visitors to the classroom today. These little Easter chicks were hatched in 3rd and 4th class. The children loved holding the fluffy little guys!


St. Patrick’s Day (17/03/14)

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day everyone! Enjoy the parades and the St. Patrick’s festival!


First Confession (13/03/14)

Congratulations to 2nd Class who made their First Confession this evening. God loves you all very much and your teacher, parents and families are very proud of you.

Little Poets (28/02/14)

We had great fun today, reinventing the Little Miss Muffet nursery rhyme!

The children were very creative with their ideas. Read and enjoy!


Talent Show (19/02/14)

For their reward today, the children enjoyed a hugely entertaining Talent Show! I had no idea how talented everybody was!!


We had the pleasure of watching three drama performances. First we had a puppet show, then we had a play about Cool Cat and then we had a lego show. All were great fun! We also had a story-teller who had some hilarious stories about being baptised.




There are some wonderful singers in the class and we heard some people singing on their own and others in groups. We heard a wide variety of songs including the Cup Song, Eye of the Tiger, Twinkle Twinkle, Story of my Life, Molly Malone, The Fields of Athenry and even a self-composed original song called Diamonds on the Wall


We had some great magic tricks (I’m still trying to figure out how you did them!) and we even had people to show us some yoga, ballet and Irish dancing.



We enjoyed some excellent music and are blessed with the wide array of instruments that the children can play including the tin whistle, accordion, banjo, keyboard and guitar. Some of the children played solos, some sang while they played and some even got together to make a group arrangement all by themselves. We heard Ratlin Bog, Fallons Jig, Off to California, Kerry Polka, My Darling Asleep, Mason’s Apron and the Convenience Reel.





Well done everybody! I think you’ll all agree we have a very talented class!!

Superhero Stories (18/02/14)

Over the last few weeks, the children have worked really hard creating a superhero character. They took great care in writing and editing a story about that character and they tried to make it as entertaining as possible. Here are the decorative front covers for their excellent stories!


These stories are being displayed in the classroom so that the children can look at each others’ work. Don’t worry, you will soon get them home to admire them more closely!

Valentine’s Day (14/02/14)

Happy Valentine’s Day!

The children were very excited about surprising you all with their lovely art and beautiful singing. I hope you all had a lovely day.


Spring!! (5/02/14)

So it’s February, which means we are officially in Spring!

Unfortunately the weather isn’t too good at the moment, but hopefully this Spring collage by the children will help to put a spring in your step!


St Brigid’s Day! (1/02/14)

We had great fun this week making crosses, colouring pictures and learning songs, poems and prayers about St Brigid for Mass this Sunday.

I hope St Brigid blesses all your homes for the year.


Mexican God’s Eye (24/01)

God’s eyes are crosses woven by Mexican fathers on the birth of a newborn baby. A colour is added each year until the child is five. We wove the crosses but we didn’t wait a year to add the next colour!!


January (17/1/14)

Here are the children’s clay coil pots. Hope you like their decorative coils!


Happy New Year (31/12)

Wishing everybody a Happy New Year!

May 2014 be a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year for us all!!

Merry Christmas (24/12)

Merry Christmas to all in Sonna! I hope you all have a very happy, healthy and holy Christmas, together with your families.

I have my treats out for Santa and his reindeer- Christmas cake and carrots.
I hope Santa finds everybody tonight and that you all get some lovely surprises!

The Sound of Christmas (19/12)

The children performed excellently tonight, in the production of The Sound of Christmas. I hope you enjoyed watching it as much as we enjoyed performing it!


And remember, Christmas isn’t just about getting presents! Maria and the McTrapps taught us the true meaning of Christmas!

Christmas (18/12)

The children have been busy over the last week drawing pictures, writing stories and creating poems to make the school and classroom look festive.IMG_1406




Free Art (6/12)

The children worked really hard to get their Free Art reward. They had over an hour where they could make anything they wanted. There were lots of materials available to them- especially Christmas materials, given the time of year! Here are the creations that they worked so hard on!

IMG_1359 IMG_1360 IMG_1361 IMG_1362 IMG_1363 IMG_1364 IMG_1365 IMG_1366 IMG_1367

Crazy Colour Jigsaws! (22/11)

We had lots of fun in art this week! We drew pictures, cut them into jigsaws, coloured them in and then stuck them back together again. We were very busy! It was fun watching all the crazy colours coming together!!

IMG_1309 IMG_1310 IMG_1311 IMG_1313 IMG_1315

Happy Halloween! (31/10)

On Friday 25/10, I thought the school had been taken over by monsters, witches, zombies and vampires! It was SPOOOOOOOOKY!


Even the teacher looked strange!! We had some amazing costumes that day, so well done to everybody for all the hard work put in!

I hope everyone is having lots of fun trick-or-treating, bobbing for apples and playing games this Halloween.

Class Reward (21/10)

The children have once again worked really hard to fill up their sticker chart and earn their class reward. We had Maths Week in our room last week and because they worked so hard, our chart filled up very quickly!

The reward they had chosen was to have No Homework for 2 nights and we decided that they could have No Homework for 3 nights if they filled it by Halloween, which they have just done!

So, they children have no homework, this coming week (21/10-25/10)!

Enjoy the Halloween preparations!


Fashion Designers (16/10/13)

Today we just finished our fashion designs! The children had great fun creating new outfits for their little men and women.

Thank you for all the fabric that was donated- we had lots to work with and we even have some left over for future art lessons!

Here are the new outfits for the newest members of our class:


Jimmy, Emma, Elizabeth Swan, Nimmy, Jimmy II Maxwell, Ben and Stephen Gerrard.


Luke, Jimmy Ledwith, Sadbh Whyte, Bobby, Darren, Chelsea and Jim-Bob.


Lucy, Princess, Sophie, Granny Angela and Lovey Coffey.


Samantha, Sophie, Jack, Kane, Bell and Fifi.

Excellent Creations!! I think we may have some future fashion designers in our class!

Creative Writing (4/10/13)

Over the last two weeks, the children have worked really hard writing, editing and publishing their stories about a hot air balloon adventure. There were some surprising twists in the stories: lots of balloons getting into danger of crashing, Miss Glynn being swept away, our school being knocked down and even some adventures that ended up being dreams……….. or were they!!

IMG_1195 IMG_1196 IMG_1197 IMG_1198 IMG_1199

Class Reward (27/9/13)

Since the beginning of September, pupils have been trying to get stickers for working well as a whole class each day. This week, they filled the trophy cup full of stickers, which meant they could have their reward, which was to bring in a toy.

There was great excitement all day Friday as they brought their toys out for break time, they introduced them to the class and they got a chance to play with each other’s toys at the end of the day. We got to meet some very interesting teddies and toys!!

The children all worked so hard to achieve this reward- it was quite impressive!

I hope you all enjoyed it!!

Now, let’s try hard to get the next reward of some nights off  homework!!

Dream Home (26/9/13)

Pupils worked hard today, using an array of various materials, to create an image of their dream home. I’m sure you’ll agree that they are very bright and colourful!

Cross Country (18/9/2013)

Congratulations to everyone who took part in the Cross Country running in Belvedere today, the 18th September 2013. Everyone tried their best and ran extremely well to finish their races in great positions. A special congratulations to the speedy girls who brought back these medals!!

Great running everyone- keep it up!


Welcome Back! (6/9/2013)

Hello everybody! I hope you have all had a wonderful summer and that you are ready for a fun year in 1st and 2nd class!! Don’t forget to keep an eye on this page for updates of all our hard work during the 2013-2014 school year.







School Plays

Tonight, the 29th of March, the children performed plays for their parents. 1st and 2nd worked really hard on their performance of Tuishi Pamoja! Well done to all of you- you are brilliant little actors and actresses! All the plays were excellent so well done to everyone! Hope you enjoyed the night!!!

First Penance

Congratulations to 2nd class who made their First Penance this evening (1st March 2012). You all said your prayers and your stories excellently and you sang your songs beautifully. The most important part, of course, was the Confession itself, which you all did so respectfully.

I want to say a big thank you to Fr John who conducted the ceremony, to the rest of the staff in Sonna who helped with the preparations and to all the parents who helped the children to prepare for tonight, especially those who were able to give lifts to and from the church all week.

So, once again, congratulations! I hope you all enjoyed the ceremony.

Art Work

In January 2012, the 1st and 2nd class students completed an Art project on the Witch’s house from the Hansel and Gretel Story. Here are their creations!

I somehow inserted the pictures twice, so I hope you have double the fun when looking at them!!