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Your Child's Progress

Your child's Homework Journal (1st-6th Class)

This is a useful means of communicating simple messages between teacher and parent. It is also useful to check what homework your child has been assigned.

Parent-Teacher Meetings

Formal Parent/Teacher meetings will be held once during the year in February. It is important to attend the meeting in order to be kept informed of your child's progress. It is also important that your child sees that you are interested in his/her schoolwork.

School Reports

It is the policy of Sonna N.S. that an annual school report is sent home to parents at the end of the summer term. We compile out reports on Fallon's Pupil Progress Record Sheets, which progress from year to year through the school, to provide a complete record of the child's primary school education.


Our school is a busy place with many different events and activities taking place. To accommodate a busy schedule, it is necessary to send notes to parent/guardians regarding activities, events, school closures etc on an ongoing basis.

It is a good idea to have a small plastic folder or designated area in your child's schoolbag into which such notes can be placed. It is important to check regularly as you may miss out on important information or deadlines. Text messages will often be sent out to notify parents of important messages also.


In selecting textbooks for the children, the school endeavours to minimise the financial effects on parents by retaining the same textbooks for a number of years. In this way, textbooks can be passed down to siblings, or purchased second hand. There is a book rental scheme in operation, from Infants to 2nd class, with regard to English readers.

School Booklet


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