4.2:   Sonna N.S. Substance Use Policy:

A drug can be defined as a chemical, which causes changes in the way the human body functions mentally, physically or emotionally. For the purpose of this policy, we are concerned with drugs, which have the power to change a previous mood and the way a person thinks about things, and drugs on which the taker may become physically or more often psychologically dependent.


The school sees itself as having a role in the process of enabling pupils to increase control over and improve their health. We endeavour to promote the well-being of pupils by:

To this end, in response to the encroaching drug culture in our society, we feel the need to implement a comprehensive policy to address the problem of substance misuse.
The policy will focus on the following:


Implementation of the Policy:

The policy will be made available from the Principal to the B.O.M., teachers and other staff members. The policy will be regularly evaluated and updated where necessary.
The school wishes to make clear that the primary role of substance misuse prevention rests with the parents.

Scope of Policy:

This policy applies to all pupils enrolled in Sonna N.S. and also to all adults employed in the school and also to all visitors to the school. The policy covers school hours and also any school-related activities outside school hours, such as school excursions and football matches etc.

Relationship to School Mission Statement:
Our Substance Misuse Policy will reinforce our School Mission Statement by helping the children to realise that using drugs can affect/damage their own health and also the health and well-being of others.


Our Substance Misuse Policy is necessary because of the prevalence and wide availability, both urban and rural, or a variety of drugs. It is also necessary because of the widespread abuse of alcohol by people of all ages and backgrounds in our country and because of the high rate of smoking in our country.


Goals of our Policy:


Policy Content:
Education concerning substances misuse:
The class teachers shall deal with the dangers of alcohol, tobacco and drugs during lessons in S.P.H.E.

Management of alcohol, tobacco and drug-related incidents:
In the event of an alcohol/tobacco/drug related incident, the following procedures will apply:

Provision for training and staff development:
The B.O.M. will support any staff member who wishes to undergo training in this area.

Roles and Responsibilities:
The parents, teachers and wider-school community have a shared responsibility in the development in the children of a positive, responsible attitude towards alcohol, tobacco and other drugs.

Monitoring Procedures:
The staff will discuss the progress of the policy at staff meetings to ensure that it is being implemented in all classrooms. The staff will regularly discuss incidents relating to the policy, and check to see if any areas of the policy need to be reviewed. If they do need reviewing, this shall be done immediately.