5.9:   Policy on Staff Meetings


Introductory Statement:
The following policy was devised by the school in September 2009 and will presented to the BOM for ratification in October 2009.


The necessity for a comprehensive policy relating to staff meetings arose due to the need for

  1. Clearly defined procedures for such events
  2. Accommodating and giving a voice to all staff members
  3. Fostering collaborative decision making


Relationships to School Ethos:

Sonna NS strives to provide a well ordered, caring, secure atmosphere. This is achieved through promoting the individual and collective personal and professional development of staff, through regular structured staff meetings.


Aims and Objectives:

  1. To address collaboratively, school issues/problems as they arise.
  2. To plan, effectively for school routines both curricular and organisational.
  3. To allow for a sense ownership through appropriate delegation
  4. To involve all staff in the decision making process.



A staff meeting is held termly. This is a collaborative exercise, with each teacher having the opportunity to nominate items/issues for inclusion/discussion at the meeting.

Special Needs Assistants may be required to attend staff meetings if issues relating to their work/ responsibilities are included on the agenda. These issues are listed early on the agenda so that when they have been discussed and decisions taken, S.N.A.’s can leave.


Roles and Responsibilities:

All staff have a role in the implementation of this policy.


Success Criteria: