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The promotion of sport is an important part of the characteristic of Sonna N.S. Boys and girls are coached in the skills of gaelic football and the school takes part in competitions run by Cumann na mBunscoil, Iarmhí. The boys have won 4 titles (2003, 2004, 2008 and 2009) and the girls have won 2 titles (2002 and 2008). The girls also won the INTO Mini Seven's Championship in 2004 and 2005).

Boys and girls also have the opportunity to develop their hurling skills every year in June.

Children participate in the school's cross country running championships held in Belvedere, Mullingar, annually.

The school holds a 'Sports Day' annually in June, where emphasis is on fun and enjoyment. The children play team games, participate in individual races and enjoy plenty of bouncing on bouncing castles!