5.11: Sonna N.S. Policy on Tours / Outings

Taking into account the age and interest of the children and the curriculum being covered, School Tours will be arranged by the school to present the children with a new environment in which they can observe, investigate and relate their findings to their own environment.
Tours will be arranged at the discretion of the class teacher.

The transport organiser of the tour will ensure that

Conditions of Hiring

The teacher will ensure that the cost of the tour is reasonable and represents value for money. All children will be actively encouraged to save towards the cost of the tour.
Teachers travelling together will agree and notify their group of the upper limit on spending money. This will be based on age and venue.
Tours will be booked as early as possible in the 3rd term. Teachers will be conscious of the likely ‘busier’ days. Not more than two classes will travel together, unless venue and transport arrangements warrant otherwise. Where more than one class travels, one teacher will accept the role of ‘leader’.
The teacher will be “au fait” with the venue, with particular reference to educational opportunities afforded, and services available (toilets, emergency facilities etc).
The leader will have a school mobile phone with a list of all the relevant contact numbers needed in case of an emergency.
Weather Conditions
Rain and headgear will be essential for all children and a change of clothes may be necessary, depending on the venue.
Teachers travelling together will decide whether uniforms should be worn.
Where problems arise either with venue or transport, teachers will report back to the tour organiser who will in turn discuss it with the Principal
Conduct on Tours
Pupil’s behaviour on tours will comply with the standard set down in the School’s Code of Discipline. In certain circumstances parents may be asked to agree to a contract on behaviour.
Where it is felt that a child’s conduct would pose a safety risk or inhibit the educational benefit for themselves or others, the teacher may refuse the child permission to travel. Parents will be advised of this in advance.
Safety and Supervision
Teachers will be extra vigilant when taking children out of the school. Special attention will be paid to: Road Safety, Behaviour on bus, Risks posed by particular venues (e.g. adventure playgrounds etc.) The minimum supervision ratio will be 15:1 (adult)
Informing Parents
Teachers will ensure that parents are given sufficient notice of:

Tour Checklist

Day of Tour
Tour leader will ensure