Safety and Property

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We are concerned for the safety of pupils entering and leaving the school grounds


On a daily basis, many pupils' belongings are mislaid. A lot of the teacher's time is wasted in searching for these mislaid articles. It would greatly assist the teachers and the pupils, in identifying lost articles (e.g. items if uniforms and footwear, pencils and lunchboxes) if all the pupil's belongings are clearly labelled with his/her name.

Many belongings remain unclaimed in the school, as there is no identification on them, and we would like to cut down on the amount of these unclaimed items.

In keeping with school rules, pupils must not damage school buildings, furniture, PE equipment, classroom equipment or books, or the belongings of others. Parents/guardians of pupils who do so may be asked to pay for, or replace damaged property or equipment.

Each pupil is responsible for looking after his/her own property and the school is not responsible for any loss of property incurred by any child. No items of value e.g. mobile phones, computer games etc are to be brought to school. The school is not responsible for the loss or theft of such items.


In the event of rain at lunchtime, the following procedure applies


It is the policy of Sonna N.S. to encourage environmental awareness in the children, and enable them to recognise the effect of littering on the school environs and on the wider environment.

Parents can assist us in our efforts by reducing the amount of excess wrappings in the children's lunchboxes, as many of these wrappings end up littering the school grounds.

To assist in litter control, we have adopted a scheme of 'litter busters'. This involves teams of of four children from all the classes, gathering up the litter, using litter pickers, at the end of lunch break. There is a rota of teams, so that each child in the school has a role to play in the management of litter within the school.


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