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Rules of Sonna N.S.

Each child is expected to arrive punctually at the school each morning (9.30am). They are not permitted to leave the school grounds before closing time (2.10pm for Infants and 3.10pm for 1st-6th classes), unless a parent or guardian collects them.

  1. In the case of an absence from school, a note of explanation should accompany the child on his/her return.
  2. In the interest of safety, children are not allowed to run in the corridor.
  3. The children should treat each other respectfully, and respect each other's property and that of the school.
  4. The school will not tolerate bullying of any form-physical aggression, damage to property, isolation, intimidation or name-calling.
  5. The children should respect all teachers and follow their instructions.
  6. In the interest of litter control, and to promote a healthy diet, sweets, crisps, chewing gum, fizzy drinks and glass bottles will not be allowed on the school grounds.
  7. Children are not permitted to bring Tipp-Ex to school.
  8. Children are asked to wear indoor shoes in class to help maintain tidiness in the school building.
  9. Children are not allowed to play behind the school building, where they cannot be supervised.
  10. All visitors to the school should be respected and greeted politely.
School Booklet

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