3.10:     Policy on Language Development

Language development is a very important aspect of the school curriculum. In fact, many would argue that it is the most important facet of any school curriculum, since language is the basic of our understanding and expression of the world around us.
Language is the primary tool of communication. We feel that the children should be given the opportunity to improve and develop their communication and language skills, through the broadening and enrichment of their vocabulary

Through our experiences as teachers in Sonna N.S., we have noted that the children’s command of language is, in general, inadequate. If they are asked a question, they rarely give a complete response and they tend to answer in a monosyllabic fashion. They also display a scarcity of words and adjectives, both in oral and written work. Thus, it is most definitely an area of weakness upon which we need to focus

Methods used in school to aid language development