Guide for Junior Infant Parents

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Induction of new pupils.

It is the policy of the school to introduce the new Junior Infants to the teacher, classroom and school on one morning in the final week of the summer term, from 9.30 am to 12.30pm. This will help them to familiarise themselves with their surrounding.

The parents will have the opportunity to meet with the Infant teacher and Principal and they will be given a general outline of the policies and practises of the school. They are most welcome to ask any questions of the teacher and Princpal, and to familiarise themselves with the attitudes and ethos of the school.

The children will be given the opportunity to socialise with each other through play. The parents will be provided with a copy of the school Code of Discipline and the Rules of the school.

As your child starts school.

Starting school is a milestone in both your and your child's life. Preparation for the event should begin well in advance to reduce anxiety and should be carried out gradually. Talk to your child about making new friends and getting involved in new activities. Approach the subject of school life with a calm attitude and treat it as a normal development in the child's life.

What your child should be able to do before coming to school.

Some practical points for your consideration:

Other Considerations

The First Day

It is important that you establish a good relaxed routine as soon as possible. Check that all items-uniform, bag, lunch etc, are ready for school. Do this in a calm fashion-do not have your child anxious going to bed.

Daily Routine

Leaving your child to school.

Collecting your child.

Infants remaining after 2.10pm

The infant school day commences at 9.30am and ends at 2.10pm. It is expected that the infants will collected at 2.10pm sharp. We understand that, in exceptional circumstances, children cannot be collected at this time. We do not encourage this, but we will accommodate parents if this need arises.

However, where possible, we would appreciate if the infant teacher were given prior notice of these arrangments.


It is a good idea to go through your child's homework as soon as you get home. 'Same Time. Same Place' has proved the most effective for children doing homework. Put all books and pencil cases back into the bag immediately.

Preparation for learning.

Parents are often anxious to begin to see some results of the formal learning soon after their child starts school. Children will start to read at their own pace-just as they walk and talk at different ages. They also write when they are ready to do so themselves. The following will assist you to develop your child's management of new skills;

Develop co-ordination or writing

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