5.12: Commercialism Policy

The following policy is proposed in response to the growing number of commercial schemes aimed at teachers, pupils and their families.

This policy is the result of a process of collaboration between staff, support teachers, Board of Management and parents.  The Policy was originally drafted in 2009.

The school has chosen to adopt a commercialism policy in the light of;

Relationship to School Ethos:
Sonna N.S. is committed to the full and rounded education of each child and the effective delivery of the Revised Primary Curriculum. This includes fostering the child's capacity to question and enquiry critically about their world.


Policy Content:
The school will endeavour to be free from;

Success Criteria:

Ratification and Implementation:
This policy was discussed and ratified by the Board of Management and communicated to the school community in 2009.


The policy will be reviewed in 2012

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