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Code of Discipline

In developing the code of discipline, we aim to ensure that the individuality of each child is accommodated. However, each child in the school has the right to an education in a relatively disruption-free environment.

Every effort will be made by teachers to adopt a positive approach to the question of behaviour in the school, as it is our belief that rewards, rather than sanctions promote positive behaviour.

The school expects a high standard of behaviour from the pupils, which requires a high level of co-operation between teachers, parents and pupils. Parents play a key role in helping their child achieve positive attitudes by taking an active interest in the child's school life. Also, by being fully aware at all times of how the child is coping with the work aspect of school as well as the social dimensions of the child's life.

Every effort will be made by the Principal and staff to ensure that the parents are kept well-informed, and that parents are not only informed of when their child has misbehaved, but also of times when they have behaved particularly well.

Teachers have responsibilty for the maintenance of discipline within their own classroom. A pupil will be referred to the Principal for serious breaches of discipline, and for repeated incidents of misbehaviour.

The following strategies may be used to show disapproval of unacceptable behaviour:

Reasoning with the pupil

Reprimand (including advice on how to improve their behaviour)

Temporary separation from their peers-either through being put in a seat on their own, or being requested to stand up for a short while

Prescribing additional work

Referral to the Principal

Communication with the parents

Temporary suspension with the sanction of the Board of Management

The teachers will keep a written record of all occasions of serious misbehaviour, as well as a record of any improvement in the children's behaviour. Parents will be involved at an early stage in dealing with a problem, rather than as a last resort.


School Booklet


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